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Saint Paddy’s Potato Candy

March 16, 2009




I’m American.  That’s all I know.  

The omnivore knows his immigrant heritage down to fractions.  

Me?  I got nothing.


But seriously, although I’m totally not into my heritage, and that’s probably because I have no idea what it is, those of you who do know from what countries your ancestors hailed, go ahead and celebrate!  


And let’s face it.  The first two things that come to your mind when you think Ireland are Green and Potatoes.


So, for all the Irish out there, and all the other weirdos like me celebrating for the Irish because we have no day of our own, I made this Irish Potato Candy.  The recipe is actually from the Great Depression, a distinctly American era, but the potato part screams Ireland.    

This recipe gave me flashbacks to when I made my Avocado Buttercream Frosting.  There were two reasons for this flashback:

1) Mixing powdered sugar with ingredients that should not be mixed with powdered sugar (Avocado and potatoes…)

2) Green scariness in my kitchenaid mixer

Potato Candy (adapted from Ashleigh’s Edibles)

4 T cooled mashed potato
1 tablespoon smartbutter
1 teaspoon vanilla
3.5 cups confectioners’ sugar
green food dye

1 cup peanut butter (for filling)

Mix together potato, butter, vanilla, and green dye. Add enough confectioners’ sugar to make a stiff dough.  I used my standmixer and the paddle attachment for this part. 

Roll out on a flat surface sprinkled with powdered sugar.

At this point I had flashbacks to my previous flatbread post and starting to brainstorm about how I could turn my former uni-tasker-but-now-a-bi-tasker into a TRI-tasker.  And I did.  I used my pasta roller set to the thickest setting to roll out the potato dough.  But you can use a rolling pin dusted in powdered sugar.

Spread on a layer of peanut butter and roll up. Chill and slice.

imgp1634Go ahead, Laugh.  I know this is a pathetic attempt at a Shamrock.  I tried, people, I tried.  

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  1. Cate permalink
    March 17, 2009 2:38 am

    I love your willingness to add sugar to vegetables and explore new culinary horizons! I was a tiny bit scared of the avocado buttercream, but potato candy I think I could handle!

  2. Linda permalink
    March 30, 2009 12:14 am

    I am so glad you photographed this tasty candy. My mom makes this every Christmas which makes me look forward to it every year. She got the recipe from her mom, but we have no Irish in us. We are from the scandinavian countries. Potato is big there too. Everyone calls it Irish potato candy.
    You are the first to say it was a Great Depression candy, which makes sense.
    It does take practice making, and the weather affects how much sugar you need to add. Every time I try to make it, a different amount of sugar is needed. Thanks again.

  3. December 10, 2009 11:09 pm

    My Mother makes candy like this every year…only she uses evaporated milk instead of potatoes…..I might change it up and see if anyone notices. ;o)

    She said they are called peanut butter pinwheels…but they look identical…wonder how different they taste…?


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