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And now a word from our sponsors…

April 5, 2009

Have I told you how supportive the omnivore is of my cooking?  If not, let me tell you.

1) It is the omnivore who slaves away at a job so that I can spend his hard-earned money on food to feed the family.  I have a job, too, but it is mostly for fun, and the income doesn’t go towards the groceries.

2) It is the omnivore who asked me to marry him and caused some chemical reaction in my brain that activated the “must-cook-for-the-family” gene deep within the depths of my convoluted genome.  Before I had this fancy shmancy gold ring on my left hand, I was completely happy with Cup-O-Noodles.  

3) And it is the omnivore who makes the salads.  At T-10 minutes to most every meal in our household, I call the old buck into the kitchen to get workin’ at the chopping block.  While I’m juggling the meat and non-meat main courses, the perfectly broiled side dishes, the delicately toasted garlic bread, and the flambeed dessert, he chops the greens.

This is important because I am a vegetarian and all vegetarians eat salad and only salad.  Ok, that’s BS.  But everyone needs a little roughage in their diet, and that’s where our nightly salads come into play.

The Omnivore usually doesn’t ask for much credit when it comes to making the salads.  He knows that I am in charge of the main-event and that’s where the focus is.  Sure, sure, we appreciate the side-salad, but no reason to bask in glory over it, right?

Wrong.  I guess.  As I was uploading some pictures from my digital camera after dinner one night, I ran across this:


Apparently someone in the household with thumbs took liberties with my digital camera.  

imgp0352_2It wasn’t the resident carnivores; they aren’t allowed in the kitchen and don’t have thumbs.

Anyway, back to the food (please forgive my shameless attempt to gloat about my dogs).

This is one good looking salad. Notice the variety: shredded purple cabbage, radish slivers, celery (which he graciously left off my salad, blech to the blech), onion, lettuce, banana peppers… Thanks, honey!

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