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Where do all the eggs go?

July 14, 2009

Have you guys checked out my budget page?  If you have, and you’ve perused it weekly since I’ve started keeping stats, you’d noticed that I buy an insane amount of eggs.  We’re talking at least 18 eggs per week, but usually more like 24 eggs.  Lucky for me, eggs are generally less than $0.60 a dozen.

I must concede, however, that they are most likely *not* cage-free, happy-chicken eggs.  I *am* a vegetarian, but I’m not that kind of vegetarian.  I support and admire those vegetarians but I’m just not there.  I don’t support animal cruelty, of course, but I don’t purchase cruelty-free-eggs.  I beat myself up enough already about that, okay?  So just bite your tongue and move along, Betty.

You see, I’m a vegetarian for different reasons.  I wish I could review with you exactly why I don’t eat meat but I cannot.  I’m still working on that?  It has something to do with health, but not really, because you can be very healthy and eat meat.  I’m basically responsible for the stellar cholesterol numbers of my Omnivore and I feed him animals all the time.  Rawr.

And methane released by cow gas.  Cows have 4 stomachs.  That’s a lot of methane.  I’d be happy to go over the organic chemistry behind this problem, but you’d be less than happy to read about it.  So I’ll just move on…

And being green, and by green I mean friendly to the environment.  Not in the I-look-vaguely-Mediterranean-and-have-Olive-skin-green way.

And the challenge.  I like the challenge.

Anywho.  I don’t do a lot of baking.  So these 18 eggs are usually consumed by me in whole-egg-form throughout the week.  I like to think of poached eggs as a condiment.  In many households the poor egg is relegated to only breakfast and baked goods.  You people are missing out:


Doesn’t that look just delicious?  A gently poached egg atop stir fried veggies with fresh basil and cracked pepper beats soy sauce any day.

I’ll eat this for breakfast.  For dinner.  For lunch.  For my midnight snack.  And I snack a lot mid-night.  But that’s another battle I fight.

Just sautee some broccoli, some zucchini, some onion.  Anything, really.  Add a couple-three egg whites and fold the mixture, gently to cook the egg.  Poach a whole egg in another pan.  Top the veggies with the poached egg and some freshly chopped basil.  Crack some pepper on that baby and enjoy.

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  1. July 14, 2009 12:10 pm

    I ADORE poached eggs!! On veggies, in salad, wherever. Although, I kinda stink at making them. And I still haven’t brought myself to putting one on a pizza (or maybe that’s fried egg? whatever!).

  2. July 14, 2009 12:28 pm

    Branny, your vegetarianism fascinates me. I agree with you that it isn’t necessarily healthier, and as far as the challenge aspect, well, I certainly find enough culinary challenges for myself, and I eat all categories. (In fact, meat is my biggest challenge, because I have the least experience with it.) I agree with the environmental aspect, and that’s something that I struggle with. But I do buy the fancy eggs from supposedly cage-free chickens!

    I also love, love poached eggs, and I only recently realized how good they are on things like salads.

    Oh, and how is soy sauce not vegetarian? Water, soybeans, wheat, salt?

    • brannyboilsover permalink*
      July 14, 2009 6:31 pm

      Drats. I was thinking Worcestershire sauce. Soy sauce is vegetarian.

      Anyway. Conversation is what will help me identify my need to be vegetarian. I guess it is a need. There are so many reasons not to be vegetarian. Hell, I spent a 12 page paper explaining why meat consumption forced the evolution of pre-human to Homo sapien (if, erm, you believe in evolution, that is) whilst abstaining from meat.

      I am not opposed to eating meat, I just don’t feel the need, and I like doing what I’m doing. For now.

      • July 15, 2009 4:08 pm

        Honestly, I think “I just don’t feel the need” is as good a reason as any. There really are a lot of reasons NOT to eat meat (environmental and ethical treatment of animals, especially), so if you don’t have a problem avoiding it, you’re doing your part to help with those problems. It almost makes up for buying the cheap eggs. 😉

  3. July 14, 2009 5:54 pm

    looks lovely and satisfying. i like adding eggs to a salad to get some protein. but i do buy the fancy eggs. but don’t beat yourself up. everyone is at different stages and its okay. i still buy leather shoes…

  4. July 15, 2009 1:29 am

    I’ve gone back and forth on eating meat for a long time. Sometimes I’ll be perfectly happy going months without it…other times I just cannot stand the thought of making fried rice without fish sauce! I hardly ever eat red meat anymore because it’s so disastrous for the environment, though.

  5. July 15, 2009 9:31 am

    I go through about 18 eggs a week, too. But where in the world do you get them for under 60 cents a dozen? I am starting to envy your grocery prices. I flip when I see them for 89 cents!

  6. July 15, 2009 3:33 pm

    I’m still a bit scared of runny egg yolks, but I’m doing my best to keep at trying them 🙂 Eggs are a great way to get protein. I should keep track about how many we go through – we buy 36 at a time at Costco and my weight-lifting goes through them and the all egg-white cartoons like crazy!

    Love your budget page too!

  7. July 15, 2009 3:34 pm

    hubby, my “weight-lifting hubby” I lift weights too, but only once a week 🙂

  8. Jill permalink
    July 16, 2009 12:46 pm

    Eggs…I am not a fan. Meat, not a fan either – havne’t had it since I was 11 and am not 38. Ditto milk. But, I love cheese…all kinds of cheese. I read Skinny Bitch – have you picked that up yet? It is a good review of the food system – check it out. I did some research on eggs – saw a video on where they come from and it made me ill…literally ill. Cage free is the way to go – if you go at all.

  9. lee malerich permalink
    July 26, 2009 3:12 pm

    running today, i realized there is a big chicken farm just up the next side road. never noticed it before. three big buildings. we should investigate the housing there.

    you didn’t answer the question, branny, where do you get eggs for sixty cents a dozen??

    • brannyboilsover permalink*
      July 27, 2009 12:21 pm

      Aldi has the cheapest price on eggs!

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