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Three Ingredient Lunch

December 16, 2010

I’m really bummed about a recent recipe I made.  At first glance, it seemed perfect for me.  It called for kale, butternut squash, and olives.  The kale and squash were begging to be used and the olives were leftover from that wonderful roasted vegetable galette that I made a few weeks ago.

The combination sounded…unique.  Not unique enough to scare me away, though.  Plus there were a few comments below the recipe, two of which were made after the readers had actually made and eaten the meal (a rarity!); I felt secure.

But I should have trusted my instinct (which told me that this wasn’t going to work out).  The olives just didn’t go with the rest of the components.  There wasn’t enough flavorful ingredients to make for a worthy stew anyway.

After two taste tests, I deemed it a failure.  I added some coconut milk to the mix and it became a palatable lunch, but it certainly wasn’t blogworthy.

And, desperate for food during my lunch hour the next day, and hesitant to eat the leftovers of the failed butternut squash and kale stew, I created this ensemble.  This three-ingredient-no-recipe-certainly-not-blogworthy meal.

I didn’t photograph it the first time around, of course.  But the next day at lunch, I was still remembering the wonderful simplicity of this lunch so I made it again.  I took a picture for you.

You can decide whether or not it is blogworthy.  All I promise you is that this is infinitely better than the recipe flop of olives, kale, and squash.  Yeah.  No.

One Year Ago: Sour Cream Cranberry Cake

1 egg
1/2 cup leftover brown rice
2 cups chopped kale
soy sauce to taste

In a skillet sprayed with olive oil, gently cook washed kale until it is tender and bright green.  Add rice and distribute grains evenly.  Add soy sauce (start with 1 T).  Toss to combine and heat thoroughly.  Remove rice and kale from skillet and place into serving dish.  Coat skillet with a small amount of cooking oil and cook the egg, turning once, until the white is cooked thoroughly and the yolk is warm and runny.  Serve atop greens.

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  1. December 17, 2010 5:31 pm

    That looks great! I think the simplest meals are often the best. I often want to buy kale but don’t know what to do with it, so I’ll remember this.

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